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Open Fire Cooking 101

Start with the right equipment. Our Cowboy Cookware™ is made in the USA, made of solid steel, and made to last. You will not find better. Period.


Cook Like a Pro

With our Cowboy Cookset and Swing Grill, you can turn even the lowliest pit into an ultimate cooking machine just waiting to get stoked!


Open Fire Cooking 101

Cook with the best food. We buy 100% natural and organically grown meats, fish, seafood, fruits and vegetables from Green Box Foods. Now – for the first time – you can, too.


Anywhere Delivery

Waiting for FedEx to deliver our online order from Green Box Foods. Now this is how to grocery shop!

  • Campfire Cafe TV

    Tune into Campfire Cafe TV shows weekly on DISH and DirecTV, airing Mon 5:30 pm; Tue 3:30 am; Sun 5:00 am EST, featuring open-fire cooking.

  • Open-Fire Gear

    Cowboy Cookware™ designed by the Campfire Cafe® Crew is made exclusively by 20/20 Precision Machining. 100% made in the USA. 100% made to last.

    The best gear you'll ever buy once.

  • Open-Fire Food

    We're often asked where we buy ingredients used in TV episodes. Until now, it wasn't worth revealing our source because our source was unavailable to the public. That is until now. We've partnered with Green Box Foods to bring you the very best foods and a 40% discount.